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2005 – December

Producer Patrick Thomson and songwriter Jack Summers were sitting together in a pub, drinking a hot choc and a latte macchiato kidding about setting up a new dance-project containing love, sex and fantasy songs. During the evening the concept got clearer and clearer and the idea of this new sexy project was born. – Acting Lovers.

Patrick started to compose the tracks for the first album. Together with Jack they wrote the first lyrics. Piece by piece this genial dance-pop-project got alive. But – the biggest problem was: WHO will do the singing? After a long period of searching (and unsuccessful searching a cast for the project they met in april 2007 H-D-P. Jack played HDP some instrumentals and the smart singer was absolutelly enthused of the first title. He sang the rough mix of Flying Away” right in the same night. HDP also cares for the hompage, the myspace site and promotional things. He played the song in his radio show and contacted other webradios for supporting us.

At the moment they are working hard on the first album which will be probably released in oktober 2007. …to be continued.